Have Fun, Fight Back, and Keep the Party Going

Lessons from a New Orleans Entrepreneur's Journey to the Inc. 5000

About the Book

Any successful business owner knows that only three things matter when facing extreme challenges: your ingenuity, your resilience, and the proximity of a cold beer. Imagine not just surviving 2005’s Category 5 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but building an Inc. 500 business in the hospitality and travel industry in its aftermath.

In Have Fun, Fight Back and Keep the Party Going, Jeff O’Hara entertains readers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts with brutally honest “war stories” showing exactly how he navigated the chaos and destruction left in Hurricane Katrina’s wake while building the foundation for AlliedPRA - his destination management company. O’Hara’s audaciousness, helpful advice, and principles of perseverance will leave you laughing, inspired, and ready to grow your business through any storm you face.

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